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Our statement on the passage of legislation to permit the implementation of legalized cannabis

TRENTON, NJ – Feb. 21, 2021 – The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association (NJCTA) released the following statement following the passage of compromise legislation that will permit the final implementation of the decriminalization and legalization of adult use cannabis.

“NJCTA is pleased to see the updated compromise legislation passed by the NJ State Legislature, and the final implementation of a host of interrelated cannabis legislation signed into law today by Governor Murphy. The signing of these bills reflects the final realization of the will of New Jersey’s voters, who voted overwhelmingly in favor of cannabis legalization and decriminalization via Public Question #1 during the 2020 election.

We hope that both decriminalization and the passage of the adult-use cannabis legalization in NJ will be the first step towards sensible and responsible cannabis policy in New Jersey, that creates a fair marketplace for licensed operators, while stopping the disturbing amount of cannabis arrests that we’ve seen take place over the years. We look forward to participation in the adult-use marketplace while continuing to prioritize access and affordability for the state’s ~100,000 medicinal patients.”


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