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NJCTA Resources

Our mission is to ensure the legal cannabis marketplace is not only safe, accessible and affordable but also equitable and just.

Watch the NJCTA's most recent Business Builders Series:
Cutting Through the Red Tape

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Municipal Toolkit

This Municipal Toolkit is intended to provide a set of resources to New Jersey municipalities that are seeking to address the issue of unregulated intoxicating cannabinoids being sold from stores within their municipal borders.

White Paper: Intoxicating Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids

This white paper provides a comprehensive analysis and offers valuable insights to the New Jersey State Legislature as they consider legislation to safeguard the public from the potential harm of these unregulated products.

New Jersey Legal Cannabis Market Report

The NJCTA issued this report to shed light on significant issues that are hindering the growth of the adult-use cannabis market in the state. The report explores the slow licensing approvals and weak sales figures that are impacting operators and diminishing investor confidence and the availability of capital in our market. 

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