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NJCTA Member Spotlight: Valley Wellness

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

New Jersey Born and Bred

Valley Wellness has firmly established itself as a premiere operator in New Jersey’s cannabis industry since its founding in 2019. The journey to becoming operational began when they first applied to operate as an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) dispensary in Raritan. After two and a half years of waiting through the notoriously long New Jersey approval process, Valley Wellness received its provisional permit from the state. Finally, on November 30, 2022, Valley Wellness eagerly opened its doors to medical patients, followed by an adult-use grand opening on May 3, 2023.

Since then, Valley Wellness’ Raritan dispensary has quickly become a destination in Somerset County, known for its offering of exceptional craft cannabis products. Proudly a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Valley Wellness is independently owned and operated by its founder, Sarah Trent, a West Windsor native.

Small Business, Big Impact

Despite its locally rooted, humble beginnings, Valley Wellness offers an extensive variety of top-quality cannabis products tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient and customer. Their friendly staff, known as “budtenders,” are well-versed in the various hand-picked flower, shake and pre-rolls, extracts, lotions and topicals, vapes, tinctures and lozenges available behind the counters. Devoted to educating their community, Valley Wellness budtenders are willing to go the extra mile by walking patients and customers through different strains, their benefits and various methods of ingestion.

Valley Wellness is also committed to educating emerging cannabis entrepreneurs and operators.

“We assist other operators almost daily, helping them through issues that we also struggled through,” said Trent.

In line with this commitment, Trent founded NJ Cannabis Certified, a sister company to Valley Wellness, in 2019. NJ Cannabis Certified offers a 15-hour live Zoom course, addressing the lack of cannabis industry-focused education that became apparent to Trent while opening Valley Wellness. The course provides training for all entry-level plant-touching jobs in the cannabis industry and has become widely recognized, earning accreditation at many colleges throughout the state.

Moving Towards a Bright Future

Looking ahead, Trent sees a promising future for New Jersey’s new industry.

“The outlook is bright for the cannabis industry in New Jersey. We are the pharma capital of the U.S. and the most densely populated state. There is a niche for everyone that wants to participate in this industry, whether that be plant-touching or ancillary,” she said.

Valley Wellness recognizes the significance of collaboration in addressing challenges and unlocking the full potential of New Jersey’s cannabis industry.

“Being a part of organizations like the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association helps support our mission of addressing the challenges we face together,” she added.

To learn more about Valley Wellness and their offerings, visit their website at

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